What we do

Step Out Arts provides services in three main areas which are:

1. Artists and Professional development
  SOA aims to address the under-representation of British East Asian (BEA) artists within the UK’s dance industry. We believe there is a serious lack of encouragement or opportunity awareness and no significant promotion of choreographic talent within the BEA dance sector. SOA, felt the need to challenge this status and as a result Arts Council England awarded funding to SOA in 2009 to create the British East Asian Choreographers Development Scheme (BEACDS) and Stepping East 2010. The scheme created showcase opportunities for BEA choreographers to take part in the research, development of contemporary choreographic ideas in all dance forms. The selected artists is part of SOA artists associate scheme.

2. Community and Cultural production
  SOA promotes East Asian culture on a national scale within the UK. We curate and produce festival programmes for local authorities, outdoor and indoor festival organisations, museums and schools. Our programme highlights include: Chinese New Year, Korean Harvest ‘Ichusok’ Festival, Japanese Children’s Day, mela, International Cultural Summer Festival and more.

3. Education workshops
  SOA offers contemporary creative workshops by associate artists.
We produce two seasons of East Asian themed cultural education workshops which can be tailor-made to suit your organisations needs. The primary aim of the SOA education programme is the enrichment of young people. To date we have had the honour of presenting workshops to over 25,000 young people and return to many schools year upon year.