Our vision





To develop a British East Asian (BEA) dance sector in the UK
  • Support the practice of innovative contemporary work that draws on BEA cultural experience.
  • Develop partnerships with dance organisations.
  • Support artist’s visibility as well as sustainability.
  • Encourage national and international collaborations.
  • Create opportunities for British East Asian choreographers to take part in research, development and delivery of contemporary choreographic ideas in all dance forms.


B. Promote East Asian culture and arts to a broad audience through productions and education projects.
  • Promote East Asian culture to general public in UK
  • Form partnerships with local authorities, festivals organisations, museums and schools to raise the cultural awareness.


Formed in 1995, Step Out Arts (SOA) mainly focused on Chinese cultural programming to meet a demand for this type of work in the UK. However, In 2009 SOA was awarded funding from Arts Council England (ACE) for the successful delivery of the British East Asian Choreographers Development Scheme (BEACDS).