Lost in Grey

The Scotsman  


‘’Chang Chung-an is definitely one to watch.’


British Theatre Guide 


‘’Lost In Grey holds its own because of the dancers and the dance’’.


The Skinny 


‘’Full of excitement and surprising lyricism … the dancing is relentless and fastpaced’’.

Lost In Grey was choreographed and Directed by Chang Chung-An and was part of Taiwan Season, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016

Can one person bombarded by the pressures of modern life destabilise an entire society?

In Chang Chung-An’s Lost in Grey, Resident Island Dance Theatre uses dynamic movement, multi-media projections and an experimental rock soundtrack to create a hard-hitting and intensely human reflection of mental health disorders in Taiwan and the wider world. The dancers’ bodies are the vehicle for a range of frantic motions, distorted perceptions and poignant emotions. Lost in Grey is a bold yet caring attempt to harness the complexities of human psychology in a single performance, and a caution against indifference towards an important issue. Come find relief or release.

Following the loss of sight in his right eye Chang Chung-An decided to curtail his further education and return to his home town of Pingtung in the south of Taiwan where he continued to train and teach and choreograph. In 2011 he establish the Resident Island Dance Theatre and went on to win a number of awards for his work.

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