Khamlane Halsackda: Double Bill

Khamlane Halsackda Presents…

A single act (2010) and Yellow Card (2012), A Double Bill.
Now available to book for touring throughout April and May 2013

A single act

This autobiographical solo revisits the first time Khamlane fell in love. By recalling this period in his life as well as memories from his childhood, he explores what love is to him and perhaps to each of us. A single act was created in 2010 and has toured in the UK, Sweden, India and Brazil.
(20 mins)

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Photo by David Ball

“…a heartfelt act of exposure, rough and raw.” (Donald Hutera, Dance Europe)

Yellow Card

 A collaboration with performer Rumiko Otsuka and Composer Edel Griffiths, it is the sequel to A single act and looks at the contradiction that is the East Asian image; What exists in the eyes of society and what may really exist beneath such stereotypes.
(40 mins)

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Photo by David Ball

“The wickedly clever observations of perceived Asian ticks, quirks and eccentricities gave the performance a charming humour.” (Patrick Gough)

 The running of both works is approximately one hour with a short interval between the two pieces.

Technical requirements are minimal.

The Double Bill is not limited to a conventional theatre space.

Contains adult material, suitable for ages 14+.

Full versions of the works can be viewed upon request.

For enquires, please contact Producer Jih-Wen Yeh on 07899 807741 or via email:

The work is supported and funded by Arts Council England, Pavilion Dance, Greenwich Dance Agency, Danstationen, Malmo Stad and Konstnarsnamnden, Sweden.
Produced by Step Out Arts