BEA Choreographic Workshops

Step Out Arts East Asian Choreographic Workshops

Yu Yu Rau

Duration: Two hours

Subject of workshop: Chinese Contemporary Dance

Creative content:

- Introduction on Chinese classical dance

- Followed by leading to create their own movement  based on what they have learnt from the company repertoire.

- The workshop leader will lead students to choreograph a short piece by the end of workshop.

Lucia Tong – Voice and Movement

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes

Subject of workshop: Voice and creative movement workshop


- to encourage using voice and movement within the creation process

- to develop confidence in creating and presenting

- to engage in collaborative creation

- to develop physical and vocal skills

- to gain experience in sharing, viewing and discussing our own work and that of others

Chisato Minamimura – How is the sound like

Duration – 3 hours

She would like to undertake further education projects, which would introduce dance to deaf, disabled and non-disabled participants through the use of dance workshops. In addition, encouraging people to participate and get involved in the dance programme as a deaf dance teacher. This activity is important to her because she believes the outreach education workshop would increase and encourage the deaf and disabled people to take part in dance.

Workshop plan:

- Warm up
- Exercise in space
- Exercise to create movement
- Exercise based on NEW BEATS repertoire
- Cool down

Julia Cheng – Free style hip-hop and contemporary dance

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Workshop Plan :

- Warm up

- Hip Hop grooving

- Contemporary balance and co-ordination exercises

- Floor work

- Repertory: 3rd Section of  ‘The Other Side’ incorporating the floorwork choreography

- Talking to students about the themes involved in the choreography

Please Contact Jih-Wen Yeh for how to book. Email: or phone: 07899807741