Photo Mira Loew

Dance-tech innovators, Pell Ensemble, invite you to the 2017 showcase of David. Choreographed by Artistic Director and 2017 The BENCH Choreographer, Rebecca Evans, David asks how data-gathering is shaping our world and sense of self.  This intimate performance will employ you and your mobile phone to explore our possible future in human and digital form.

David is a collaboration between Rebecca Evans/Pell | Ensemble, interactive designers Indivisible Arts, Clarisse O’Dell and David Altweger.  Sound-score by Ehud Freedman, text and dramaturgy by Adam Peck.  Produced by Step Out Arts.



Commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Supporting partners Metal Peterborough, DanceEast, Redbridge Drama Centre. Digital partner: Indivisible Arts